Wireless vs Hard-Wired Home Security Systems

Homeowners getting their home security systems for the first time will always face this dilemma: which type of home security system should I get – the wired or the wireless?
The wireless home security system sounds more modern and less complicated for the owner but the hard wired system sounds more efficient given the complexities of the wiring components. So how does a person choose?

Asking the salesperson is definitely not the answer. More likely than not, they will take this as an opportunity to sell you their most expensive product. Ask an expert in installing different kinds of home security systems – one who has more bias and more knowledge for the best in the market and has had a firsthand experience as to the quality of these systems.

But for starters, here is a simple comparison to at least give you a slight idea on the differences and similarities between the two:

Hard-wired Home Security Systems

The hard-wired home security systems are relatively more expensive than wireless because of the wires and installation that comes with it. More often than not, this type of home systems requires the services of a professional for installation. In installing them, one needs to get through the walls and install the system’s wires to its wiring system. But this type of security system is more often the ones used for monitored systems where they could send an alarm notification to the third party security and surveillance company should the alarm be triggered.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Because they are wireless, they hardly require any drilling and boring into walls as well as interference on the existing wiring system of the house. They are also relatively less expensive in installation and maintenance as they are easily installed sans professional help, and only require lithium batteries for energy. And because they have better and easier to install, relocating them is also so much easier than the hard-wired security systems. But with bad brands of security systems, there is a higher rate of cases of false alarms.

Generally speaking, both types of security systems are equally efficient. Should you choose to get wireless home security, look for them from reputable names in the industry like Frontpoint security. They are known for some of the highest quality wireless home security systems.


Pros and Cons of Getting Home Security

Cases of home intrusions and burglary are recorded everyday across America. More than the fear of taking your properties, the bigger fear is for the safety of your family. Lawless elements like robbers, murderers, sex offenders and the like lurk every corner and while the law enforcers are doing their part trying to get them, you as homeowner will have to do your own part of not becoming a helpless victim.
Today, there are countless ways of securing homes and one of the most popular methods is getting a home security system. From surveillance cameras to alarmed locks, home alarms and lights with sensors, these security systems are saving more and more homes from the hands of lawless intruders.
But as with most everything that people invest on, there are pros and cons to getting them. Read on to get a better insight.

• They can be expensive. Depending on what you are getting, these home security companies may cost a fortune.
• They should be maintained with batteries and they use up electricity. And this translates, again, to extra expenses.

• You can sleep peacefully at night. Knowing that your doors and your own home will tell you when an intruder comes in, you have no problem getting a goodnight’s sleep.
• You can go to work at ease. You are not haunted by the thought of your home being prey to intruders.
• You can go on a vacation knowing that your home will be just as you have left it. Especially with monitored home systems, you will be confident that someone is watching your home 24/7.
• With a good display of security systems at home, you know that intruders will think twice or thrice about preying on your home knowing that your home has extra security installed.

The disadvantages of extra cost of getting a home security company installed is nothing compared to the ease of mind it gives you. More than looking at it as an expense, it should be seen more as a good and wise investment because that is what home security systems actually are.



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